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Giving What We Have

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Acts: Send Me
Giving What We Have

Scripture Text: Acts 3:1-16

Welcome to week 3 of our Acts Series. So far we've seen Jesus' call for us to be witnesses, and
last week we saw a snapshot of the first church and looked at how they lived in community.

This week we're going to look at how Peter and John showed real love for someone in need, and
through that act of love pointed to Christ.

I. Peter was willing – verses 1-10
God positioned Peter and John so that they could be used for His glory. They had no doubt gone
this way before, and had probably passed this man before. But on this day they did something
that would make a difference. Peter recognized the opportunity and was willing to do

We are expected to do good for others as we have the opportunity. See Matthew 25:31-40

Truly loving God and others should drive us to meet needs.

II. What holds us back?
Busyness & Distraction - Work, family, church, overtime, sports, yard work, house work,
working out, entertainment, school, homework, and I know there's a lot more. We're just busy,
too busy. In fact, I've noticed over the last couple of years that less people are responding with,
"fine" when you ask how they are. Now the response is... "Busy"

That leads us to be like Martha. Jesus was in her house. He was right there, but she was busy in
the kitchen. She was frantic and she was missing out. His correction of her was short and
loving, and we need to hear it again today. He said to her, "you are worried and upset about
many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one (Luke 10:41-42)."

Her busyness was causing her to miss out on time with Jesus. We are in danger of that, and of
missing out on the opportunities He gives us to bless others. We're too busy, and that holds us
back from growing close others and caring enough to meet needs.

Being too Religious - Religion is all about trying to justify ourselves by what we do. In trying
to justify ourselves, though, we wind up killing our hearts. It's a vicious cycle because religion
can't cure our sin issue. It actually winds up feeding it because it plays to our inner need to feel
like we're doing better than everyone else.

So, we'll justify not helping someone by: focusing on all the other stuff we have already done,
questioning what the person did to get in the situation they're in, asking why someone else isn't
helping them, or we'll just outright blame them for getting into that place.

But the real reason we don't want to help is that our hearts have been hardened by our self-
righteousness and we don't really care, or we don't want to get our hands dirty.

The Good Samaritan - Luke 10:25-37

The Good Samaritan was Jesus; answer to the question, "who's my neighbor?" You can't help
but see Him in the story, and how He has shown love for us.

III. Making the most of the opportunity – verses 11-16

Jesus ended His story about the Good Samaritan by saying, "Go and do likewise." The idea
being that showing that kind of love and mercy should be a lifestyle. It's often acts of love, like
this, that open the door for us to share about Christ.

The antidote to religious hypocrisy is loving relationship. His love for us transforms us, and
teaches us how to love others. That love, then drives us to be available to meet needs and to
share about the hope we have in Christ.

Look at what Peter did:
He let the need become an opportunity - Peter saw the need as an opportunity to do something.
We can sometimes see the needs of others as burdens, but Peter used it as an opportunity to be a
blessing even though he didn't have what the man was asking for.

He used the opportunity to point to Christ - Ultimately Peter recognized that this man's greatest
need was to know Christ. The healing became a platform to make Jesus known to the man, and
those who took note of his healing. We often miss opportunities because we either do nothing,
or we fail to point to Christ in the process.


Love in action - This is the next logical step since our time together last week. The challenge
then was to build deep and meaningful relationships with people. Now I want you to let that
love become an action. Don't just pass by someone in need. Meet that need to the best of your
ability and then work through that moment to share Christ.

Reevaluate your calendar - If being too busy is holding you back, then you've got to make a
change. Start with taking an honest look at your priorities, and then shift your schedule to meet
those priorities. Take back control of your calendar, and then surrender it to Christ.

Take a look at your heart - Are you religious, or have you been transformed by relationship.
Jesus came for relationship, to reconnect us with the Father, and to give us real life in Him.
Don't miss out on that because of the trappings of religion.


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