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Acts: Send Me
Be My Witnesses

Scripture Text: Acts 1

As we journey through the book of acts we'll be looking at: how the first Christians acted as
witnesses, the expansion of the early church, and the power of God to change hearts and lives.

I. We're called to be witnesses

Just like the first Christians we are called to be witnesses for Jesus

Death, burial, and resurrection - This is the primary message. 1 Corinthians 15

It's a message that has the power to transform

As we go through Acts we'll see how the first believers were witnesses, and we'll see how God
worked through them to transform the lives of others.

II. The power is His

Sharing about Jesus was very natural for the first believers. They couldn't help but tell others
what He did for us as a whole, and for them individually.

It's something that we seem to fear, dread, and/ or forget. But we have the same promise that
they did. The power to share comes from the Holy Spirit within us, and He has the power to
completely transform someone.



III. The strategy is huge – verses

Judea & Samaria
The Ends of the Earth


Pray for someone who doesn’t know Christ
Bible Study (Reading plan)
Training (iNeighborhood)

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