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Sharper! Ministry Conference

March 08, 2018  •  1 Comment

Last week 11 of our church family were able to attend a ministry training event that
touched on almost every aspect of our ministry. It was an amazing day of training, so in
order to make sure that what we learned sticks I'm going to share it here.

I hope that this is helpful, and I look forward to seeing how these nuggets help us refine
and strengthen our ministries.

We all noticed that there was a definite theme that flowed through the day: Passion &
Strategy. The pastors and lay leaders who taught us were passionate about reaching
people for Christ and strengthening believers through their ministries. It didn't end
there, though. Each of them had a plan for how to accomplish their mission in the
context of their church. Here's what we learned.

Reaching the Unchurched 
- reaching the unchurched starts in the parking lot! 
- Create a culture of invitation and celebration 
- evaluate every aspect of your church from unchurched eyes
- are you more concerned about who you are keeping or who you are reaching? -Andy
- The church doesn't have a mission the mission has a church
- Leverage technology
- get people connected
- equip and mobilize people
- Use big events to make them even bigger Easter , back to school, New Years, and

How to recruit, train, and retain
- have to ask - a personal invitation, sharing the vision, give resources,  and don't give up
asking. May not yet be their time to help. 
- explain what is expected
-pray daily for the right teacher for the right class.
- keep steady teachers, try not to rotate be consistent. It is easier for the children and
gives them comfort. 
- when people say they are uncomfortable in serving or getting involved. We have to be
reminded that the cross was not comfortable.
- People will replicate what you celebrate

Children's discipleship- profession of Faith to baptism 
-foundational teaching: Partnership between parents and teachers, use tools if needed
like tracts or gospel bracelets. 
-response to gospel -begin a discipleship process, new believers class for children 4
weeks long,  counseling session and a workbook they can take home and keep. 

- of course they had an overnight fun day due to the amount of people in the church and
money they have. Basically they spent the day investing in kids showing God's love
while encouraging and just spending quality time. May not have included biblical
studies. Just spending time which kids need. 
- deal with each child individually, they all progress at different ages, ask open ended
questions,  listen and even talking to them use language they will understand, utilize the
bible when possible referencing back to scripture, don't jump to conclusions, and
involve parents.

Social Media
- Post Upcoming events; Current events
- Be consistent
-  The majority of FB users are women 45+ and are on a 8am, 12 pm and after 8pm
- Offer something of value i.e. Pastors words of wisdom
- Motivational
- Post morning and evening
- Post IMMEDIATALLY when news happens
- Be timely in your response

- More Visual (this was very true in the Student ministries)
- Ad’s, an awesome, not cheesy photo of the event
- Inspirational content
- Can post anytime

Worship Ministry
- Interface to use from the computer to the sound board

Men's Ministry
- Formulate a game plan / build team to get there
- What is the goal?
      A. Christ centered discipleship mentoring
      B. Address men's issues
      C. Use Biblical role models
      D. Salvation
      E. Short term study small groups
      F. We all have battles - share testimony of what God has done in your life
- Events to get other men involved
- Capture momentum / Sunday School / Small Groups

Staff Leadership
1. Make good decisions
2. Serving
3. Loving people
4. Set boundaries
5. Grace
6. Tough talks when needed
7. People skills
8. Joy - Give me the joy of my salvation
9. Listening. - most important skill remember God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth 

- Safety starts in the parking lot
- We need to be observant
- Have an emergency plan that includes: Medical, Fire, Chemical & Biological, Acts of
nature, Active shooter, Campus lock down.

Welcome & Greeting Team
- The first 11 minutes after a visitor arrives is the time you have to make a good
- Guests need a MINIMUM of 5 touch points to make them feel welcome
- It starts in the parking lot.


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