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Filling in the Gaps

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Acts Send Me:
Filling in the Gaps

Scripture Text: Acts 8:26-40

As we begin today I want to remind you of something that we looked at on week one.
Acts 1:8

Jesus told the Apostles to wait in Jerusalem for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Then He
promised that the Spirit would empower them to be witnesses moving out from Jerusalem and
eventually reaching the ends of the Earth.

Fast forward to today and there are still millions who live and die without hearing the Gospel.
Some of them are right here in our neighborhood. They have lots of access to Jesus, but do not
connect with Him for one reason or another.

But there are many, many others who live in places where there is little to no access to the story
of redemption. Are we OK with that?

We've been given the mission of living lives that reflect His love, impacting others because of
His love, and sharing with others the hope that we have in Him - here and around the globe.
Today, I'm asking you to take an active role in this mission.

I. Philip was a regular guy – verses 1, 4-5
Philip, like Stephen, was one of the seven chosen to oversee the care of the church's widows. He
wasn't a pastor, and there was no such thing as a missionary during this period. He was a regular
guy who was "full of the Spirit and Wisdom (Acts 6:3)." A regular guy who was willing to be
used by God.

God used the persecution to send believers into the world - God uses the brokenness of this
world to accomplish beautiful things. Here he turned persecution into the catalyst for the spread
of the Gospel. He did that through His people's willingness to share about Him as they moved

God used regular people, like Philip, to further His cause - Philip was one of many who were
uprooted from their lives after Stephen's death. The persecution of this time flung people with
all kinds of gifts, abilities, and backgrounds out into the surrounding areas. As they went they
spread the hope of Christ.

Philip was impacted by God's word. It had changed him and he allowed it to work through him
to change others.

Present day Missionaries:

  • David Wine - Tent maker
  • Rachael Neal - School teacher
  • Barbara Johnson - Music Teacher

II. Philip was obedient – verses 5, 26, 29
Obedience is what makes the difference. We're all called to be obedient to Christ in all areas of
our lives. Philip was called to a radical obedience that lead him away from a thriving ministry
toward the unknown.

  • He obeyed the original command of Jesus
  • He obeyed the Angel
  • He obeyed the Spirit

We may never hear the voice of an angel, or have the Holy Spirit direct us in the way that Philip
did, but we've all been given the mission of helping to make disciples. We're all called to radical

III. God prepared this moment – verses 26-29
Part of what makes sharing about Christ scary is that we put too much of the process on
ourselves and forget that God is the one who is really in control of this whole process.

God prepared the Ethiopian eunuch - Although he lived in a land that worshiped many gods,
something in his heart told him there was something more. He traveled over 1000 miles in
search of that something. Once in Jerusalem he would have heard about the one true God, but
would have been denied access to the Temple because he was a eunuch.

God prepared Philip - Everything in Philip's life prepared him for this moment. The Church's
dedication to God's word, the people who poured into his life, his time caring for widows, and
even being on the run and ministering in Samaria all worked together to prepare him for this

God will do the same for you.

David's story?

IV. Philip filled in the gaps – verses 30-40
God set everything into motion. All Philip had to do was be willing to fill in the gaps. The
Ethiopian had a desire to search for God, he had some background knowledge, and was looking
for answers. He just needed someone who would be willing to lead him in the right direction.


  • Be a missionary: at school, work, and home
  • Go on a mission trip
  • Give
  • Pray


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