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Rise - Easter Sunday Sermon Notes

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Scripture Text: Mark 5:21-43

Would you picture a scene with me? You're pushing past a crowd of mourners on your way to
see a girl who just died. As you make your way into the house Jesus says, "Why all this
commotion and wailing? The child is not dead, but asleep."

You hear the muffled laughter of the crowd as the door is closed behind you. As your grieving
spouse grabs you the awareness of being soaked with their tears and the lifelessness of your
daughter's body is overwhelming. Your heart is breaking, but at the same time there is a tiny
speck of hope because you have seen what Jesus can do.

On some level we all come to Jesus with something that we can't handle. It just doesn't take
much for the brokenness of this world to put us in that place. Today we're going to talk about the
hope that we have in Jesus' resurrection, and how through Him we can overcome sin, suffering,
and death.

I. We have no power over death – verses 21-28
We have no power when it comes to death. We can fight it off, but ultimately death will have its
way with us.

CPR is only moderately effective under the right circumstances, doctors and medicine have
limits, and then there's cryonics... Millionaires are spending lots of money trying to have their
body, or just their head, frozen immediately after death in the hopes that they can be brought
back to life in the future when technology advances enough.

It's just not going to work. Eventually these bodies wear out and die. That's the problem that
both Jairus and this woman with the bleeding problem faced. When it comes to death:

Wealth doesn't matter - Jairus was probably wealthy as a synagogue ruler. If the woman had
money she had spent it all. We place a lot of emphasis on money, but there are a lot of problems
that money cannot solve and mortality is one of them.

Status doesn't matter - Again his position in the synagogue would have meant that he had great
standing in the community. He would have been well regarded and probably pretty powerful.
By this point in her life the woman would have been an outcast. By Old Testament Law she
would have been considered unclean. That would have meant not being touched, not being
welcomed into the temple, and suspicion that she had some great sin in her life that lead to all of

Religion can't help - His religious activity could not prevent this from happening to his
daughter. Her rejection by her religious system didn't cause her problem or contribute to it. The
truth is that religion, us trying to earn God's love and approval by what we do, can't protect us
from suffering or death. Their only hope, and our only hope, is a relationship with Jesus.

Both the woman and Jairus were brought to Christ as their only hope.

II. God's timing is perfect – verses 29-35
One of the hardest things for us to work through is God's timing. God moves according to His
perfect knowledge and wisdom. So, His timing is always right, even when it seems slow to us.

Jairus enjoyed 12 years with his daughter and now this delay seems to have taken her from him.

This woman suffered with something that she could not cure for that same period, 12 years.

At some point in life we all wind up waiting on God. So, if you're waiting on something you're
in good company:

Abraham waited on a son and a promised inheritance
Joseph waited as a slave and a prisoner
Moses waited in the wilderness
David waited in caves on the run

This woman's 12 year wait was over. She reached out and touched Jesus and found physical
healing, but Jesus had more in store for her. He didn't just let her slip away. He called her out.

The disciples pointed out that it would be impossible to know who touched Jesus in a crowed
like that, but He waited until the woman came forward so that she could be fully restored. His
gentle words to her were a sign that her isolation was over. By calling her daughter He was
letting her know that she was cleansed, loved, and accepted. That's what being His child does.

It's not just about overcoming physical death, it's also the restoration of the most precious
relationship we can have.

III. Death is nothing to Jesus – verses 36-43
Jairus would be left to wait a few more agonizing moments, but now we're back where we
started. He's standing with his wife looking at his daughter's lifeless body. Moments before this
Jesus had asked him to believe.

Believe what? That death is no big deal for Jesus. Not that He doesn't care how it impacts us,
but that it has no power over Him. In fact the opposite is true. He has complete power over it.

He is the Author of life - Acts 3:15

He is the way, the truth, and the life - John 14:6

He holds everything together - Colossians 1:17

That's what Jesus was asking Jairus to believe. Death was completely out of Jairus' hands, but
Jesus easily overcomes it. He didn't have to make a show, He didn't strain, He didn't break a
sweat, and He didn't even raise His voice. Jesus simply took the girl by the hand and asked her
to get up. In the original language what He said to her was like a mom waking her child from a
nap, "sweetie, it's time to get up."

With that He called her back from death, healed her from her sickness, and gave her back to her

IV. Jesus' resurrection means life for us

Here's what this story has to do with Easter. Like the girl and the woman we have a sickness. It
makes us outcasts, it hinders us from being in God's presence, and will ultimately lead to our

The Bible calls that sickness sin, which is another word for rebellion against God. We have
chosen our own way instead of full devotion to Him, and that rebellion broke our relationship
with Him because of His holiness and has lead us towards our own destruction; in this world and
the next.

Also like the woman and the girl, Jesus is the only one who can heal us and call us back from the
grave. His death provided for the payment of the penalty of our sin, the restoration of our
relationship with God, and real life here and now, and forever.

Romans 6:4-10

In 1987 Cecelia Cichan was the only survivor of a plane crash near Detroit. 154 people who
were on the plane and 2 who were on the ground died when the plane came down. Initial reports

had said that the girl's mother saved her life by wrapping herself around the little girl as the plane
came down.

Since Cecelia doesn't remember the accident there's no way to know for sure, but within those
rumors is a beautiful picture of what Jesus did for us. We were on a path for destruction, and
when He willingly embraced the cross He also willingly embraced our sin, shame, and death.

Faith in that, believing in Jesus the way that Jairus did, shields us from the death we were
heading towards and raises us to a new kind of life. A life that is full and meaningful here, and
that will last forever in Him when we do leave this world.

Jesus has made the way for us to be restored, healed, and to have life that will never end. Find
that life in Him. It's time to Rise.

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