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We're going back to Haiti

April 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It's almost time for our team to head out so I want to take some time to introduce you to our team, and tell you a little about what we hope to accomplish while serving in Haiti.  First, introductions:


Our Team

Chris Chase - Works at Southeastern Paper Group,  and is an active part of our music, youth, and deacon ministries.

Eddie Humel - Works as a handy man, and heads up our usher ministry and serves actively with our building and grounds team.

Jason Seger - That's me.  I'm the pastor and serve as a Chaplain in the National Guard.

Jason Troyan - Works at Live Florida Realty, and serves actively in our youth, and music & technology ministries. 

Thomas Schuler -  Works at Wendy's, and has served on our music team.  He's currently working to help plan future mission trips.


Our Mission

We're going back to work alongside David Wine at his orphanage in Lilavoise, Haiti.  Haiti has been devastated by natural disasters and as a result has a high percentage of orphans.  David's mission is to raise these children in a Godly environment, and through them to positively impact this beautiful island nation.   Here it is in his own words.

Our Mission Statement
We believe hope starts with Jesus.
Our mission is to improve lives through Christian growth, humanitarian aid, and educational resources and assistance. We believe that help starts within the heart by accepting Christ. We believe that no one should be hungry, without clothing or shoes. We believe all should have the opportunity to read and write.


David has been working to fulfill that mission since 2013 when he started with just a couple of boys.  He now has 32 sons and 17 daughters, and hopes to be able to open a special needs home soon.  You can learn more by going to


We will spend about seven days with David and his team.  We'll spend several of those days working on the buildings throughout their campus to help get ready for current and future needs.  We'll also spend as much time engaging the boys as we can in order to take some of the load off David and his staff.  This allows the boys to get some additional one-on-one attention.


Another plan that's in the works is for us to partner with another orphanage to do some team-building and leadership training with students from both homes.  The idea is to help David and Pastor Predestine to by instilling leadership skills in some of their older students so that those students can pass what they learn on to others.  The hope is that this will help enhance the disciple-making culture that both homes are working to create.


Finally, we're planning a worship service that will be held at David's home.  He and the kids normally worship with local churches that help support them, but they are praying about using their home to start a church that will be able to impact their community.  Our time of worship with them will be a step in that direction. 


What can you do?

Our team has nearly raised all of the money that will be needed to pull this trip off.  Thank you for helping us to be able to go and do this work.  Several of you have given, prayed, and encouraged us and that means so much.  It is good to know that we are not going alone.  We have the promise of Jesus that He will be with us, and knowledge that you will be supporting us with prayer.  With that we know that anything is possible.  


There is more that you can do, though.  David, and other missionaries like him, are only able to do what they do when others partner with them.  I encourage you to get with your family, Sunday school class, or small group and adopt a missionary.  Pray for them, support them financially, and stay in touch.  It will mean more to them than you know to have you link arms with them in their mission. Rachael Neal, David Wine, and Matt Elmore are all good candidates.  Rachael was just here with us in January to share, and we'll hear from Matt in May.


Finally, I encourage you to get involved.  If you missed this trip, but would still like to go I can help you find a place to serve this Summer.  Also, be on the lookout for 2019 Mission Trip info.  We're looking to go some place that is much closer to home, but still has a great need.  More on that Sunday.


I hope you have a great weekend and that I get to see you in worship this Sunday.


In Him,

Pastor Jason 


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