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Declare His Glory Among The Nations- Ps. 96


Verbs- We get the privilege to do these commands

  1. Sing to the Lord (vs. 1) 
  2. Declare his glory (vs. 3) 
  3. Ascribe to the Lord (vs. 7) 
  4. Worship the Lord (vs. 9)
  5. Say among the nations (vs. 10) 


Who?- Who needs to hear our singing, decelerations, worship, and statements? 

  1. All the earth (vs. 1,9,13) 
  2. The nations (vs. 3) 
  3. All the peoples (vs. 3,10,13) 
  4. Families of the peoples (vs. 7)
  5. The world (vs. 10,13)


Why?- The Lord saves, is great, holy, and a perfect judge. 

  1. Saves (vs. 2)- The Lord saves his people. He saves them from a wasted life and from hell. 
  2. Great (vs. 4-6)- greater than all gods. More majestic, strong, and beautiful than other gods. Greater than everything else we have in this world.
  3. Holy (vs. 9)- he's holy and separated from us. 
  4. Judges the world (vs. 10-13)- He judges with equity, in righteousness, and in faithfulness. Not just judging in the sense that the whole world be judged and go to hell unless they repent and turn to Christ, but this something to look forward to in that God will judge the world perfectly.


Will you be apart of declaring God’s glory to the nations? This is a message the whole world needs to hear. 

Matthew Elmore 

Global Youth Ministry

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