First Baptist Church Highland City | Haiti Recap by Jason Troyan

Haiti Recap by Jason Troyan

May 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A trip to Haiti ordained by God

Good morning everyone!!! Hope you are doing well in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!! Starting off in the planning stages I was unsure I was going to be able to go due to finances, I am a realtor and the beginning of this year was a little slow, and I didn’t foresee the needed funds to go. Of course, God knew that all along, and as we got closer to leaving He provided!!!!

I have been to other places in the US on mission trips, and this is my second trip to Haiti. Arriving there we are told to be very careful as we are outsiders and to strongly say no to those that try to “help” with our luggage as they are trying to get money for helping. This year was not as bad as last year LOL ☺ Knowing from last year what to expect I knew it was going to be a long and hot ride to the orphanage. 

This year we stopped at the hardware store to pick up supplies for our work that was planned for us to accomplish. What is interesting is you take what you want to buy to the cash register, they ring it up, but then it gets put aside and another person checks each induvial item and places it into a new cart for you to leave in… What a time-consuming process!!! Also, down there in the hardware store you can buy your own power transformer that goes the electric poles…. As well as Solar power.

So, speaking of power, the government decides when you get power, you can have it for a few days, weeks, or hours. Fortunately, David has Solar, batteries and a generator so we pretty much have power all the time at the boy’s home. The girls home right now only have a generator.

Ok so imagine this, arriving at the home after about an hour drive in a bumpy, dusty, and crazy road you arrive at the orphanage, and then are swarmed by about 25 boys ALL wanting attention and asking questions!!! LOL So after many hugs and answered questions its time for coffee and FOOD!!! Beans and Rice…. Although that night we had these AWESOME SPICY pork sandwiches!!!!

On to some of the work we did there… the next 2 days we split into 2 teams, I was painting the girls home with Chris and Pastor Jason, while Eddie and Thomas stayed at the boy’s home to hand insulation. We painted 6 rooms over the course of 2 days and hung up the insulation which made a huge difference in the temperature. We also repaired some screens that had holes, the mosquitos are really bad at night, and fixed a few doors that needed repairs.

On Friday and Saturday, we had some of the older boys from another orphanage join us and Pastor Jason taught them some leadership skills and I taught them some Martial Arts ☺ 

Sunday consisted of a worship service at the girl’s home with everyone in attendance and more Martial Arts for the boys!!! 

We also had the opportunity to tour some of the country side driving up a mountain very close to the edge…. And a straight drop down…. That was scary!!!

Well that sums up some of what we were able to accomplish this year!!! I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog!!! Please comment below as this is my very first one ☺


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