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Father's Day 2018 Worship & Sermon Acts Series

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Acts: Send Me
I am With You

Scripture Text: Acts 18:1-9

I love road trips, but I hate traffic. Can you relate to that? I want to go on the journey. I just
don't want anything to slow me down along the way.

Yesterday we were just going to Orlando and it seemed like everyone was out to slow us down.
Any lane I got into became the slow lane. Traffic was crawling on I-4 near Hwy 27 (big
surprise, right?). Then when we stopped to get food, the only way back was ridiculous. No U-
turn at the light, had to turn into a shopping center which was totally bottlenecked. The whole
thing was crazy. All we could do was laugh and keep trying to find a new way to get to where
we wanted to go.

Life is like that. The journey is awesome until something slows us down. We just don't like
delays. Stops and detours make us crazy, but they are a part of God's plan.

I. Work While You Wait – verses 1-5
Waiting can be one of the hardest things that God has us do. Sitting in a holding pattern until
God shows us the next step can be frustrating, discouraging, and/or infuriating.

Paul had been waiting in Athens and now was waiting in Corinth, but he used that time to work

Other Examples: Moses, David in the wilderness, Jesus before He turned 30

Do what you know to do while you wait on God - work, serve, share your faith, learn, grow, love
God, love others.

II. Detours Aren't Roadblocks – verses 6-8
You've probably heard it said that when we pray: Sometimes God says "yes", sometimes He says
"no", and sometimes He says "wait".

He's also been known to say, "this way instead"; That can feel like a "no" but it's really more of
a nudge in the right direction.

Several years ago Priscilla and I were taking her brother Jake back to college in PA. We exited
the interstate late at night in Baltimore or Philadelphia to find a restroom, but there was no on
ramp there to get back on. Because of construction we had to wander around a bit. We hit
several detours which rerouted us, but didn't stop us.

God often works that way in our lives. From our perspective it can feel like everything is
working against us, but the reality is that we're being rerouted for a purpose that maybe only God
will ever know. But if we truly know God, then we can be sure of this:

He is in control
He is working things towards His ultimate glory
We can trust Him no matter what.

Paul encountered yet another detour, but God used that for His glory. In case you have lost
count Paul has been: run out of Psidian Antioch, Thessalonica, and Berea, Imprisoned in
Philippi, and stoned in Lystra.

When things don't go as planned it doesn't mean that you have failed, are being punished, or that
you should give up. It may just mean that God is sending you in a new direction.

III. Find Your Strength in Jesus Presence – verse 9
Jesus made some wonderful promises to Paul here, but the most significant promise is His

We were made to have a relationship with God, and over and over throughout the Bible He has
been emphasizing His desire to be with us. In times of fear, trouble, and heartache he promised
His presence.

The promise of His presence is given along with the command to make disciples.

The gift of His Spirit is ensures our constant connection with Him.

Jesus told us that if we stay connected to Him we would have all that we need to do what He
made us to do (John 15)

Everything is drawing us towards God's ultimate design of us being in His presence for all

*Story of the Solder who found comfort in God's presence while he was a POW


Make your relationship with Him a priority

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