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Following God's Dream - Acts: Send Me

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Acts: Send Me
Following God's Dream


Do you have a dream? Is there something that you've always wanted to do or to become? Do
you have goals that you're working on?

Until about middle school I wanted to be a fighter pilot. At other times in life I wanted to be a
Dr. or musician.

What about you?

Have you ever stopped to think about God's dream for you?

God has a plan for this world, and He is working it out for His glory. You and I are a part of
that, but sometimes we make plans and chase dreams as though God has nothing to do with our

Pray and Read

I. Following God's lead doesn't me we can't plan – verses 6-8
A lot has happened since we were together last. Paul has completed his first mission trip, the
Jerusalem Council was held (this is where the Apostles and Elders debated how much of the Old
Testament should apply to new Christians), and Paul and Barnabas split ways over John Mark.

As we find them Paul and Silas have begun the second mission trip and have been joined by

Following God's lead doesn't mean that we can't plan. Paul had a plan. There was a path that he
wanted to take, but God adjusted his plan.

It's ok to plan and dream, but be ready for God to make adjustments.

John Maxwell started out as a pastor, and he wanted to be the best pastor that he could be. His
drive to be a better leader and to help others lead well is what lead to his current business/
ministry of creating leadership resources. God shifted John's path, and at first it cost him friends
and he felt like he was risking his reputation, but God has used him John greatly in the lives of

Make plans, set goals, and follow your dreams. Just be ready for God to change the direction
you're heading.

II. Sometimes God will adjust our plans – verse 6-8

Here's the hard part. God adjusted Paul's plans with a series of closed doors. That's not always a
sign of God's will. Sometimes difficult circumstances and closed doors are just something we
have to work through. But sometimes these are signs that God is trying to show you something.

On the surface detours and closed doors can be discouraging or frustrating

When you do realize that those closed doors are directing and maybe even preparing you for
something it becomes easier to embrace God's plan. It often doesn't make sense until you look
back on it.

Joseph's story
Stephen's story
My story

III. Truly following God requires immediate obedience – verses 9-10

Paul responded with immediate obedience even though his original plans were derailed. It can
be hard to let go of what we want, but the best place that we can be is in the center of God's will.

Paul's willingness to change directions and follow God's plan for him meant that more people
heard about the hope that is found in Christ.

God's dream for you is no less significant. He wants to use you as a part of allowing people to
hear about that same hope.

A change in career, moving to a new city, losing a job, getting a promotion, or even that nagging
feeling that you want to go back to school could be indications that God has something new in
store for you. Say, "yes." Get up and go, and see what God does through you.

Peter was a fisherman, Matthew was a tax collector, Luke was a Dr, DL Moody worked in a shoe
store, David Wine worked in Human Resources, Rachael wanted to be a teacher...

You won't regret following God's dream for your life.

We learn to understand God's will be drawing closer to Him (Rom 12:2)
Obedience is a daily choice
God's will is worked out in our life through daily small choices.
Learn to hear His voice and obey immediately & completely.



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